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Our experienced team can systematically inspect all types of garage doors, carry out repairs and make future recommendations to ensure your garage door is operating as new for years to come.

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To arm our customers with accurate information and educate home owners, home buyers, investors and tenants.

To provide a backup service for all new garage doors installed by Eden Roc garage door.

We are committed to providing a complete garage door experience for all customers; whether you’re a one off customer or a returning one, needing major repairs or a single hinge, we take ownership of ALL jobs undertaken by EDEN ROC GARAGE DOORS!

Modern garage doors with remote controlled electric openers are a great convenience when operating properly, but they can be very frustrating if they are not maintained; stranding people by breaking down at the worst possible moments, and they can even be down-right dangerous.

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Your garage door and electric opener is almost certainly the largest mechanical device that you have in your household. Like any mechanical appliance, periodic servicing is required. The Australian Garage Door Association (AGDA) recommends that garage doors and openers should be serviced regularly, suggesting this should occur once every 12 months as a minimum. Where properties are exposed to salty air (i.e are near the coast) or industrial areas with higher levels of pollution in the air, servicing should occur more frequently.

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There are many other moving parts that ensure the efficient operation of a garage door. For example, guide tracks, hinges, locks, rollers, power arms, chains, lifting cables, and centre / end bearings will all endure a certain amount of wear and tear and all need regular inspections, cleaning and lubrication. From time to time they also require replacement.

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A typical double garage door made from steel weighs over 100kgs. A modern garage door motor can exert a force of up to 1000 newton meters. This combination can have lethal consequences for a person, pet or some other property that happens to get trapped under a closing door. It is true that all modern electric motors have built in safety features that cause them to auto reverse, but the sensitivity settings can be affected by power spikes, lightning, etc. and it is highly recommended that these settings are tested and reset if necessary at regular intervals.

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Don’t touch the springs, don’t think about touching the spring and don’t YouTube anything to do with a garage door spring! You’ve been WARNED! When it comes to garage door springs, this is one job best left to the professionals.
Changing hinges, wheels or locks are easy can can be done with basic tools and skill. Have a go yourself or we can do it for you.

Follow simple instructions to program your new remote controls or we’d be happy to get it done for you.
We’re happy to give you advice and tips so here are 5 things you can do this weekend.

Clean your garage door tracks- tracks provide the garage door a smooth surface to roll into and guides the garage door- clean tracks provide less friction between the nylofelt of the roller door or the wheels on the tilt/sectional garage door and the tracks. Use steel wool, degreaser or soapy water to clean the tracks and remember; DON’T SPRAY ANY GREASE IN THE TRACKS.

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Our experienced team has over 55 years of industry knowledge and exposure to over 28 brands of garage doors, automatic garage door openers and spare parts. We carry most parts in our trade vehicles or will source the right parts. We confidently replace broken garage door springs, frayed or broken sectional garage door cables and replace all components of tilt doors.

An easy way to determine if your garage door is well balanced is to put the garage door into manual (disengage the auto opener) and open the garage door halfway. If the garage door remains in its place, then it can be considered well balanced and indicates the springs are tensioned correctly; however, if the garage door starts to drop, the springs require more tension. The opposite would be if the garage door continues to open from that position and lifts up without any assistance- this indicated the springs are over tensioned.

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Garage door springs can be viewed as the muscles of the garage door- they enable a garage door to operate with ease. Correctly balanced garage door springs allow you to lift the garage door on your own, or for the garage door opener to open or close the garage door. Garage door springs assist in the controlled opening and closing of the garage door in a safe manner and are regarded as the single most important component of the garage door be it a tilt, sectional or roller door.

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Is the operation of your garage door waking up your family or neighbours. Often we’ll get asked what can be done to reduce the noise from a garage door; using the correct lubricants on the garage door hardware is key as well as correct spring tension and proper functioning garage door hardware. The combination of correctly applied lubricants, clean garage door tracks.

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Frequent use of the garage door as well as general wear and tear can cause damage to the gear drive assemblies of the garage door opener. Automatic garage door openers such as Guardian, BOSS, Centurion and the B&D CAD 4 are well known for this issue and should be replaced before the inconvenience of further damage occurs.

If the chain or belt moves but the door stay is the fixed position, chances are that the drive gear is broken. The drive gear assembly is the gear that directly drives the chain or belt on the motor and is one of the most common parts to break in the garage door opener.

Drive gear assemblies can easily be replaced by a qualified service technician at Eden Roc Garage Doors with most garage door opener gear drives in stock- alternatively, if the cost of the replacement gear is not economical, consider a new Quality Merlin Garage Door opener supplied and installed with a full 7 year manufacturers’ warranty from Eden.


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A quick visual inspection of your garage door lifting cables can save you a lot of time and money. Lifting cables run from the corner of the bottom panel up to the drum on the torsion pole and are exposed at all times. Corrosion and wear and tear are the usual reasons for them to fray or completely snap, causing your garage door to become jammed and become lopsided.

Regular visual inspections and servicing of your garage door will reduce the risk of your garage door becoming jammed and further damage occurring to the panels and tracks of your sectional garage doors. Eden Roc garage door technicians carry all lengths of sectional garage door lifting cables and can conveniently replace as required.

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