Roller doors are a great convenience for your home garage, workplace, or shed. It provides you with a way to lock up your home and vehicle, and with the addition of a garage door opener, with the simple press of a button you can operate the roller door and never have to do the heavy lifting yourself again.

What is a roller door?

The roller door is a type of door which is made from a single pleated sheet of metal. This type of door is commonly used for residential garages, warehouses, factories, sheds and other locations where the interior must be closed off from the outside but still allow for easy access when required.

Roller Doors are the most common type of garage door you find in urban and commercial settings and all the most cost-effective type of garage door on the market.

Roller doors are made from a single pleated sheet of metal which sits above the garage door opening in a furled cylinder. The door is furled and unfurled to open and close the door.

Roller door vs sectional garage door?

There are a number of differences between roller doors and sectional garage doors; roller doors are made from a single pleated sheet of metal, while sectional garage doors are made from a series of horizontal steel panels. As a result, the two styles of garage doors look very different.

Roller doors require roller door specific motors, while sectional garage doors require sectional garage door specific motors. While sectional doors have customisation options around patterns, textures, windows, and colours. Only a roller door’s colour can be customised. Both Roller doors and sectional garage doors are made from Colorbond steel and can come in any colour of the Colorbond steel range.

Sectional garage doors are the norm when it comes to residential garage doors. Roller garage doors are the norm when it comes to Urban and commercial settings.

Roller doors are slightly less expensive than sectional garage doors but if damaged the entire door will need to be replaced.

Sectional garage doors while more expensive up front, if damaged, are cheaper to repair.

While there are some space limitations that may prevent you from having one door style, generally the choice between roller garage doors and sectional garage doors comes down to personal preference. It is generally recommended that if the garage door is for a residential home that a sectional garage door is installed; if the door is for use in a commercial context, an Urban context, or an outdoor shed, a roller door is recommended.

Roller door colours and styles

There is not a lot of variation in roller door style and aesthetic choices. There is one relatively standard design whose colour is only changing variable.  Roller doors are made from Colorbond steel and as such your door can be any colour from the Colorbond steel colour range.

To explore your roller door colour and style options; have a look through our gallery below or explore our visualiser.


Roller door repair and service

How often should you service your roller door?

It is recommended that roller doors are serviced once every 12 months by a qualified garage door technician. Unfortunately, if these maintenance services are not undertaken, a number of roller door warranties which will be void.

There are a number of steps you can take yourself to maintain your roller door and prevent issues from arising in the future, including:

  • Intermittently performing a visual check of the door, checking for dents and rust.
  • Lubricating any moving parts, springs, bearing, and hinges (but not the wheel tracks!)
  • Remove debris from the wheel tracks

It is always recommended that the servicing of doors be conducted by qualified garage door technicians. Technicians have the knowledge and skills to re-tension the roller door: a maintenance task that cannot be performed by the owner which is very important to perform to extend the longevity of the door’s spring, and motor. Additionally, technicians will pick up on small issues that might escape the eye of an untrained individual. Especially with regards to assessing the state of cables, fixings, hinges, and the garage door spring.

Roller door installation?

It is always recommended that roller doors are installed by a qualified garage door technician.  Roller doors, depending on their size, can weigh up to 300 kilograms. This is a lot of weight to be working with dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

Additionally, many roller door warranties will become void if the door is not installed by a qualified garage door technician.

Some of the larger roller doors, especially those used within a commercial context, will be very high off the ground. This can present further difficulties as the installer will be working up on a ladder or on an elevated workspace. Installers of commercial garage doors at heights will require an additional working at heights ticket (a qualification given to those technicians who have proven their ability to work safely at heights).

That being said, the installation of roller doors a fundamental and required skill for any qualified garage door technician.  If you get in contact with your local garage door company, they will undoubtedly have a technician on hand who can perform the installation for you.

Roller Door Motors?

Roller door motors come with varying degrees of power. The least powerful roller door motors are paired with the smallest and lightest roller doors, while the more powerful Motors are paired with used with the heavier doors.

When purchasing a new motor it is important to correctly pair your motor with the size and weight of your roller door.  This is to ensure that the motor is able to do easily open and close the door while not being unnecessarily expensive – as the more powerful motors are generally more expensive – and to ensure the motor is not strained as to moves the weight of a door heavier than it is designed to work with.

There are a huge number of garage door motors on the market. The three main providers of garage door motors being Merlin, ATA, and Guardian.

Guardian motors have been around for over 20 years and of the most common type of motor found in Perth, Western Australia.  if you currently have a garage door motor which is over 5 years old it is likely that it is Guardian motor.

Merlin garage doors are the most advanced garage door motors on the market today.  They are well priced and offer the longest warranty of all garage door motors. If you are looking to purchase a new garage door motor we would definitely recommend purchasing a Merlin motor.

To find the best roller door motor or your door, give your local garage door company a call and provide them with your roller door dimensions be able to recommend the best motor for your set up.

Which motor is the “best” roller door motor?

Our recommendation is the Merlin SilentDrive range of roller garage door openers:

The Merlin SilentDrive range contains a number of motors of varying power to allow us to pair the appropriately powered motor with your door. These motors come with a 7-year warranty – the longest of any motor on the market – and have proven themselves in the field consistently. Eden Roc installs the SilentDrive roller door motors far more than any other roller door motor. We believe them to be the best motor on the market today, and with the ability to be operated from your mobile phone, it’s also one of the most technologically advances motors.

Roller door price?

Roller doors start at around $1,000 but depending on the size and model of your roller door they can cost up to $6,000. (confirm with Kamil)

To get an accurate quote you will need to speak with your local garage door company and advise them of the required roller door’s dimensions.

Roller door insulation?

Unfortunately, a roller door cannot be insulated. This is due to the fact that when a roller door is opened the sheet of metal is tightly furled into a cylinder. Adding an insulating material to the door would add too much thickness to the steel with would prevent the door from furling into as tight a cylinder, preventing the door from closing.

if you are intent on an insulated or it is recommended that you instead explore whether a sectional garage door might be a viable option for you. Sectional garage doors do not furl into a cylinder as roller doors do, and are instead made from flat panels which can have additional insulating material added to them without preventing the door closing.

Roller door parts

Roller doors have a number of moving parts which will endure wear and tear. Eventually, these parts will break and require replacement. The most common roller door parts which require replacement are Lock & keys and roller door tracks.

Roller door lock and keys sit in the middle of the roller door and are used to lock the roller door from the interior and prevent the door being opened. Lock and keys do vary between roller door models and if yours does break the replacement lock will need to be paired to your door. We recommend taking a photo of the lock should it break and providing that image to your garage door part store or technician. They will be able to identify which roller door lock and key will pair with your door and will be able to provide you with the appropriate replacement.

Roller door tracks guide the roller door during the opening and closing phases to ensure that the roller door furls and unfurls correctly, preventing damage to the door, and ensuring that it comes to rest in the correct position. When debris is caught within the tracks, this can cause unnecessary friction and wear down the tracks. Roller door tracks are also one of the most common roller door parts to acquire rust which will eat away at the tracks. When this occurs, the tracks should be taken out an replaced. Simply by performing a regular visual inspection of the tracks will help you prevent these issues from occurring. If rust or debris is found on the tracks, clean away the rust with dilute acid and remove the debris.

Roller door dimensions

Roller doors dimensions range 1.2m – 5.0m wide and 0.9m – 5.2m high. On the condition your garage door opening sits somewhere within these ranges, a roller door can be installed.

Roller door manufacturers

There are a number of roller door manufacturers in Australia, but the main 3 suppliers are:

  • Centurion,
  • B&D, and
  • Steeline,

Eden Roc supplies roller doors from Centurion, Steeline, and B&D. In our experience, we have found that all three provide a great product, reliable, good looking roller doors, for which we have no preference between these manufacturers.

B&D do provide a ‘standard’ roller door model on par with the quality of Centurion and Steeline, but they also provide a range of roller doors which are of higher quality; the Delux Roll-a-Door Range. This range is more heavy-duty and, is more durable, is less resistant to wear and tear, and is quieter than their base-level roller door.

This range is roughly ~30% more expensive than their standard roller door alternative. However, given the Delux Roll-a-Door range’s higher quality and longevity, if the customer has the budget for the Delux Roll-a-Door, we definitely recommend going with this roller door model.

What other options are available?

If roller doors are not suitable or appropriate for your door there are some other doors to consider: sectional garage doors, roller shutters, custom doors, and insulated doors.

Sectional Garage Doors are the most common type of garage door for residential homes. They are considered to be better looking and have greater curb appeal. If the garage door you seek is for your suburban home. Sectional garage doors are a great alternative to roller doors.

Roller Shutters are larger and heavier-duty versions of roller doors. Typically used in commercial contexts, roller shutters are larger and heavier duty versions of roller doors. If the door you require is larger than the roller door’s maximum dimensions, or if a greater level of security than a roller door provides is required, then roller shutters are the best alternatives to consider.

Custom Doors are exactly as you would expect, custom. They can be purpose-built and designed specifically for your garage. They are typically much better looking and have greater curb appeal than roller doors. If the garage door is being paired with a home or building which is considered to be quite modern and stylish, especially in the case of luxury homes, custom doors are likely your best bet.

Insulated Doors are the preferred alternatives to roller doors when the garage is to be used as an additional ‘live-in’ area of the home or as a functional workspace. These doors provide reduce the transfer of heat and noise.

Why choose a roller garage door?

Roller doors are an ideal choice when used in an urban context as they are considered to have quite an ‘industrial’ appearance. This style looks very good in urban and metropolitan contexts. Roller doors are also generally the best choice when it comes to sheds and commercial applications. Roller doors are simple, functional, and effective. They do their job, and they do it well.  Additionally, they are the most cost-effective doors on the market. As such, if you are limited in your budget and price is a major concern, roller doors are likely to be your ideal garage door type.

Roller door optional extras

Roller doors can be purchased with or without a motor. The motor is a great convenience and lets you operate the door without having to do the heavy lifting yourself. If you choose to install a roller door motor, the motor will come with a couple of remotes and a wall button to operate the motor.

In addition to motors, remotes and wall buttons, safety beams and keypads can also be included.

Safety beams point a laser between two points stationed on either side of the roller door’s opening. If something or someone is to pass through the beam during the closing phase, the door will automatically reverse to prevent the door from crushing that which is in the doorway. Given their ability to prevent injury, safety beams are crucial for all commercial roller doors and highly recommended for roller doors used for residential homes with children.

Keypads are similar to wall buttons as they allow you to operate the roller door, but they require you to first enter a pre-determined PIN. Keypads are great additions when there are no remotes, not enough remotes to be spread between all users of the roller door, and when that additional level of security is required.