Garage Door Spring – What is it, and how to test it?

Have you noticed a broken spring on your existing garage door? Garage door springs are probably the single most important component of the garage door; the function of the garage door torsion springs is to control the weight of your garage door during the opening and closing cycles. A well-functioning garage door consists of well balanced springs and good condition cables which work hand in hand to ensure your garage door is correctly balanced and aligned.

Here’s a quick test you can do to test your spring tension:

Ensure your garage door is free from obstructions- clear the opening and ensure no one is standing in or near the opening

Disengage the motor into manual mode and lift/close the door half way

If the door remains in the half way position, this indicated correct spring tension; if the door starts to drop, the springs are under tensioned. If the door starts to open (rarely happens) this indicated that the springs are over tensioned.

A visual inspection of the garage door springs may also give you an insight into the condition of the springs. Rusty springs are prone to breaking quicker than well-lubricated springs

As a rule of thumb, a broken garage door spring will result in your garage door being stuck down and the motor will not be able to open your garage door. Eden Roc stock a large range of garage door springs and can also custom make springs to suit most sectional garage doors. The combination of springs are determined by the height, width, material which the door is manufacturer from (steel, timber aluminium) and weight of the existing garage door- this information will need to be provided to us to ensure the correct combination of springs are installed on your garage door.

Importantly, garage door springs ensure that your garage door opens and closes safely and reduces the weight of the door; therefore reduces human injury and stress on the garage door motor.

Regular maintenance on your garage door, correct tension on the springs and regular application of grease ensures your garage door springs last their expected maximum life.

Eden Roc Garage Doors in Wangara have a great, friendly team ready to help with all your garage door needs. We supply and install new garage doors, we have a dedicated team of qualified service technicians as well as a spare parts shop open 8am -5pm weekdays to the public. Come in and see us or call (08) 9303 9334.

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