In today’s modern world, garage door motors are all controlled by means of a hand held remote control. Each remote has its own unique frequency which communicates with a receiver on your motor to ensure that only you can access your garage.

If you lose your remote control or have it stolen, our team at Eden Roc Garage Doors can supply a new remote and advise you how to code it in on your motor. We are also able to clear the memory of the openers so that the remotes which have been stolen cannot be used to gain access to your Perth home.

Garage Door Controls For All Brands

We stock both original and generic remote controls for all of the popular brands to provide customers with a choice. Generic remotes are typically cheaper than the original remotes when it comes to pricing. We also have wireless wall buttons (effectively another remote control) which can be conveniently mounted inside the garage, and keypads which offers even more security and are weather-resistant, which means that they can be wall mounted outside the garage. They also require a security code to be entered into the keypad before they will transmit a signal to the receiver in the garage door motor.

Modern remote control technology allows communication on multiple frequencies with the latest encrypted rolling code. This ensures high levels of security, as a unique code is generated every time the button is pushed. It is almost impossible to jam or try and copy the signal with a device designed to incept the code. This enhanced radio technology will select the strongest frequency every time, virtually eliminating interference from other devices.

If you’re after new garage door remotes and openers, our team at Eden Roc Garage Doors in Perth will have the solution for you. For expert advice and quality service, contact us today on (08) 9303 9334.