Eden Roc’s Guide to Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Door

When selecting the perfect garage door, it is important to understand what options are available. After all, not all garage doors are created equal. Depending on what a customer is looking for, sectional garage doors are often an ideal choice.

Is a Sectional Garage Door Best?

In residential areas, sectional garage doors are the norm. Durable yet contemporary, a home’s garage door is now becoming a key aesthetic feature. This is particularly true regarding new suburbs.

Made up of individual elements, or sections, this design yields a finished product that is both functional and stylish, not to mention secure.

When considering a sectional garage door, consumers love how they are able to maximise space. The doors open vertically, without lifting outwards, which means that they are perfect for tight spaces. These garage doors are also typically preferred when installing a double-door garage.

Made of Colorbond steel, Eden Roc sectional garage doors are a bold statement piece. Made in Australia, they are built to withstand local climate conditions. They are available in a variety of colours, so consumers can select the colour and tones that best suit their personal style. This is an important factor for many.

That is why sectional doors tend to be best when design is of the highest priority. This style of door offers more personalisation options than other types of garage doors. Whether a consumer is in the market for a custom-made cedar door or an aluminium door, the selection of styles is endless.

In conjunction with a variety of other products, designs can also be customised. In that sense, this option tends to win in terms of technical and style options. When the overall look of a garage door is of the utmost importance, sectional doors are typically the way to go.

Customise to Create the Perfect Sectional Garage Door

When they choose to work with a trusted, knowledgeable company such as Eden Roc Garage Doors, customers can buy new or replacement doors that match their exact needs.

Sectional doors differ in terms of key features, as they are highly customisable. The following can all be customised:

  • Windows
  • Patterns
  • Insulation
  • Textures

By having access to a wide, diverse range of sectional garage doors, consumers are able to select a type based on their personal preference and budget. This means that regardless of a home’s exterior and style of architecture, there are sectional garage doors that enhance a home’s overall look.

Whether consumers strive to accent key characteristics of their home or would prefer a door that blends in, a sectional garage door is an excellent investment. Many sectional garage doors are now being designed alongside high-quality matching front doors. This offers an even greater cohesive look.

Some of the most popular brands manufactured in Australia include Danmar, Centurion, B&D and Steeline, all of which are available from Eden Roc Garage Doors.

Comparing Sectional and Roller Garage Doors

As discussed, when comparing sectional and roller garage doors, there are some significant differences. Unlike roller garage doors, which are limited in terms of design options, sectional doors offer many styles to choose from.

From woodgrain to metallic laminate finishes, this design is highly customisable based on each individual home. Best of all, the cost difference is minimal. Based on all of the available options, sectional doors are the most popular choice for residential garages.

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