Your garage door is often the largest and most prominent feature of home when viewed from the street. If you’re looking to use your garage door as a statement piece to make your home stand out, and to improve the value of your home, you should definitely be considering a custom garage door. At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we can provide you with the door you need for your Perth home or office at the best prices.

What is a custom door?

A custom door is exactly as you would expect, a garage door that is designed and tailor-made to your home’s aesthetics and your specifications. There are very few restrictions on how you design your custom garage door, but there are a few common styles from which to begin your design, we’ll explore them for you!

Custom garage doors vs Roller and Sectional doors

Roller and sectional garage doors are the two most common residential garage door styles. They make up over 95% of the residential garage doors in the Western Australia market. The advantage to these two traditional styles is that they are more cost-effective than a custom alternative. Unfortunately, due to their prevalence within the marketplace, they don’t stand out and can almost be seen as ‘stock-standard’ doors.

Custom garage doors, on the other hand, are more expensive and much more unique and can act as a statement piece to improve the street appeal and value of your home!

Should I choose a traditional style (Roller and Sectional) or a custom garage door?

For the vast majority of residential homes, a traditional roller door or sectional style will be adequate. But, if you are looking for your door to stand out, have greater appeal from the street, and improve the value of your home, a custom door may be for you!

What custom garage door styles are available?

At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we offer a choice of over 30 different styles of custom garage doors for customers across Perth. Customers can also request individual designs which can be manufactured or combined with a door in the traditional range. To view our various custom garage door styles, scroll through our gallery of custom garage door images.

Repair and maintenance service

The repair and maintenance of custom garage doors are, in most part, similar to the repair and maintenance that is conducted on traditional sectional and roller doors. But, depending on the material from which the custom door is made (wood, steel, aluminium etc.), the work may require additional tools, expertise, and work. Given the specialisation and additional work that is sometimes required, it is not uncommon for the cost of repair and maintenance services of custom doors to be more expensive than the work conducted on sectional and roller garage doors.

Custom garage door sizes

Custom garage doors, unlike traditional roller door or sectional door styles, are not restricted to size limitations. They can be as large or as small as required.

Custom garage door cost

Custom garage doors are more expensive than sectional or roller garage door alternatives. They start at around $4,000 and can range up to and above $20,000. The cost is dependent upon the size of your door, the material from which your door is made, and the degree to which your door’s design deviates from its base style.

Custom garage door installation

The vast majority of custom garage doors can be installed by any qualified garage door technician. Exceptionally large and heavy custom doors may require a technician with specialised skills.

Custom garage door openers

The door openers (motors) used with custom doors are the same motors used for the traditional sectional doors. The opener will need to be matched to the weight of the door, with the heavier doors requiring more powerful motors, which cost slightly more than their less powerful alternatives.

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