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Garage Door Servicing and Maintenance

Modern garage doors with remote controlled electric openers are a great convenience when operating properly, but they can be very frustrating if they are not maintained; stranding people by breaking down at the worst possible moments, and they can even be down-right dangerous.

Regular servicing is essential

Your garage door and electric opener is almost certainly the largest mechanical device that you have in your household. Like any mechanical appliance, periodic servicing is required. The Australian Garage Door Association (AGDA) recommends that garage doors and openers should be serviced regularly, suggesting this should occur once every 6 months as a minimum. Where properties are exposed to salty air (i.e are near the coast) or industrial areas with higher levels of pollution in the air, servicing should occur more frequently.

Spring tensions must be checked

Critical to the efficient operation of a garage door of just about any design is its springs. The springs do most of the work when opening or closing a door, whether the door is mechanised or not. Correctly sprung doors should offer similar resistance for both the opening cycle and the closing cycle. To test a door’s spring tension; with the door in manual mode move the door to the half-open position. It should remain in this position. If a door is excessively heavy and it closes by itself, or if it wants to fly open, the spring tensions are not correct. All garage door springs will naturally lose some of their tension over time as the metal stretches. This puts additional strain on an electrical motor and it will cause your garage door motor to fail prematurely. Motor manufacturers will not honour any warranty claims if it is determined that a door is not correctly sprung.

Dry and rusted springs will break prematurely

As already mentioned all garage door springs will stretch over time, and they eventually break (as they are constantly under significant tension which strains and weakens the metal over time). However, poorly maintained springs will not last anywhere as long as a set of properly lubricated and tensioned springs. Replacing a set of garage doors springs will cost several hundred dollars.

Job for professional

Please note that re-tensioning garage door springs is a potentially hazardous task given the tension that the springs operate under. Any work that is required to be done on them should only be done by experienced professionals.

Lots of moving parts that require attention

There are many other moving parts that ensure the efficient operation of a garage door. For example, guide tracks, hinges, locks, rollers, power arms, chains, lifting cables, and centre / end bearings will all endure a certain amount of wear and tear and all need regular inspections, cleaning and lubrication. From time to time they also require replacement.

Garage doors are potentially dangerous and need maintenance for safe operation

A typical double garage door made from steel weighs over 100kgs. A modern garage door motor can exert a force of up to 1000 newton meters. This combination can have lethal consequences for a person, pet or some other property that happens to get trapped under a closing door. It is true that all modern electric motors have built in safety features that cause them to auto reverse, but the sensitivity settings can be affected by power spikes, lightning, etc. and it is highly recommended that these settings are tested and reset if necessary at regular intervals.