At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we sell and install a range of sectional door openers to suite every application and budget. Sectional garage door openers (motors) are usually mounted on the ceiling and function by initiating the up and down cycle of the sectional door.

Sectional garage doors in Perth


Protect your home and have full control of your garage door even when you are away from your house. The Merlin Commander MyQ sectional garage door opener allows you to monitor and control your garage door from your smart phone or mobile device. Perfect for situations when you drive away and aren’t sure whether you have closed your garage door or its been left open, or if you have friends or family needing access into your house/garage while you’re at work. It also allows you to receive alerts when your garage door is opening or closing, perfect for monitoring who and when you garage door is being used. The Merlin Commander MyQ is now available from Eden Roc Garage Doors.

At Eden Roc Garage Doors we recommend the Merlin or ATA range as these are regarded as the most reliable and best value for money brands with excellent warranties and after sales service. For smaller garage doors we recommend ATA GDO11 or the Merlin Power Ace and for larger sectional garage doors or tilt doors we recommend the ATA GDO9 or the Merlin Tiltmaster & Whisper Drive. These Merlin and ATA motors have a 7 year warranty on the DC motors.

All the motors we recommend are belt driven which helps to ensure that they operate quietly and are not susceptible to corrosion that is common with the old chain driven openers.

At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we will always service the garage door prior to installing a new motor to ensure that the motor is subjected to unnecessary weight and force and that the manufacturer warranties are not affected.


How does a sectional garage door work?

Sectional doors run in a track system which lifts the door vertically through a curve then horizontally along the ceiling. The doors rely on a torsion spring system allowing them to be operated manually or automated, making them easy to operate by anybody.

What are sectional garage doors made from?

All the reputable manufacturers use Australian BlueScope Steel which is a strong, durable product that has proven to be the first choice of West Australian builders and homeowners when selecting a garage door. Our Colorbond sectional doors are available in a number of different styles and all the standard Colorbond colours. Colorbond sectional doors can also be powdercoated to match the individual application. We can also offer a variety of options to improve the value and aesthetic appearance of a sectional garage door. Doors can be upgraded with the addition of windows, side weather seals, eye beams, motion detection panels, wireless keypads, whisper quiet belt drive motors, battery backups and many other accessories.

What other options are available?

In addition to Colorbond garage doors we also offer a complete range of timberlook doors, insulated doors and custom made cedar and aluminium doors.