Considering the fact that the garage door is usually the largest visible feature on your home, the importance of choosing a door that suits the style of your home and blends into the design are critical in optimising the street appeal of your home.

Residential garage door specialists in Perth

Residential Garage door specialists in PerthIn Western Australia we are fortunate in that we have a large variety of options when selecting a garage door and it is well worth the time making sure the door you select has the functionality and appearance that will make it an asset to your home. Most garage door companies are aligned with a garage door manufacturing company and will have a limited range of products. Eden Roc Garage Doors offers the widest range of doors available in Western Australia due to the fact that we are completely independent and are able to source doors from all the reputable garage door manufacturers. We will always help you select the residential door that is best suited to your style and budget, we will give you what you want, not what we’ve got!

Residential garage doors are the largest moving piece of equipment in any home and it is important that when selecting a door, it is appropriate for the application and that it is properly installed and regularly maintained. A residential garage door that is correctly installed will last for many years without the need for costly repairs and servicing.

Eden Roc Garage Doors

At Eden Roc Garage Doors we can help to advise on what garage door solution would be the most suitable for the way you use your garage and the visual effect you are trying to achieve. Residential doors are generally manufactured from Bluescope steel and offer extra security to the home and the versatility of a number of different styles to suit the style of your home.

Residential doors can be made from a variety of other materials, timber, aluminium, miniorb or even a combination of materials to create a unique style or design. Eden Roc Garage Doors works together with the premier custom door company in WA to provide a high quality product that will enhance the street appeal and offer the peace of mind that it is a good product with a manufacturer who warrants their work.

Residential garage door styles change in the same way that architectural styles change and are a relatively inexpensive way to achieve a major change in the appearance of your home.

Eden Roc Garage Doors also specialises in replacement of residential garage doors which have been damaged by storms or impact. We have an experienced assessor who will provide an honest and efficient service to help you finalise your insurance claim with the minimum of inconvenience.
Eden Roc Garage Doors are the residential garage door specialists in Perth, we have our showroom in Wangara near Joondalup and service the area from Mandurah in the South to Two Rocks in the North, why go anywhere else?