Insulated garage doors are the ultimate in energy efficient solutions for your garage. An insulated garage door will significantly reduce the transfer of hot or cold air into your garage and will also provide a dramatic reduction in sound transfer.

Insulated doors will also provide a dramatic reduction in heat transfer into the home when the garage leads directly onto the house.

Why choose an insulated garage door

Heat transfer to the rooms next to or above the garage space will also be dramatically reduced making them easier to keep cool and reducing your dependence on energy hungry air-conditioning solutions.
If using your garage for storage or as a workshop, an insulated door will make it a comfortable place to work especially in the very hot Perth summer.

Insulated doors are much sleeker and neater options, all panels are supported with internal trusses to improve strength and make it unnecessary to add unsightly windstruts which trap dirt and insects leading to increased maintenance.

What about noise reduction with insulated garage doors?

Not only will an insulated garage door run much more quietly, it will also provide a significant reduction in noise transfer from outdoors. If you live on a busy street and your garage opens directly into your home, you will be amazed at how much quieter you home becomes.

Does it really make such a difference?

The neat and clean interior together with the thermal and noise benefits enable you to convert your garage into another using room, adding value to your home. Once you have experienced the benefits of an insulated door, you will never want anything else.

How are insulated garage doors made?

At Eden Roc Garage Doors we have two different types of insulated garage doors each with their own unique advantages and features.

Our Thermoflat insulated garage doors panels are injected with polyurethane which has excellent insulation properties and provides extra strength and stability. The Thermoflat range comes in 2 sleek modern styles and can be ordered in any standard colorbond colour, Timberlook insulated doors are also available for those who want the benefits of insulation and the appearance of timber without the maintenance required from a timber garage door.

Our Thermalift insulated doors have internal and external prepainted galvanized steel skin with an expanded polystyrene core. This system forms a true thermal break and also improves the fire and smoke ratings on these doors. Thermalift garage doors come in four modern styles and all the standard colorbond colours.