Remote ControlsImagine a TV without a remote control or a phone without Bluetooth , WiFi or 4G! Well your garage door should be able offer improved convenience and functionality in the same way.

There are very few doors which do not lend themselves to being automated, if you are not sure if your door can be automated, we are very happy to give you an obligation free quote and assess the condition of the door and suggest the most appropriate garage door motor for you.

At Eden Roc we offer an extensive range of garage door motors to suite your individual needs and your budget. Eden Roc only installs reputable brands where the manufacturer is prepared to warrant the product supplied to ensure that our customers are not left with a bad experience and a poor motor. We offer our motors on a supply only or on a supply and install basis. Our installation will help to ensure that the warranty remains valid as most manufacturers will only warrant the product if it is installed by a qualified service technician.

Eden Roc will always give your door a full service when installing a motor to ensure that the door operates well in manual and is not likely to cause damage to the motor as a result of a badly maintained door. If we feel that the condition of the door will damage the motor, we will advise against installation and may recommend replacement of the door as a better solution.

Our preferred motors are those supplied by Merlin, the Tiltmaster, MT800 or the Whisper Drive or the ATA brand of motors, the GDO11 or GDO9. Merlin offer a 7 year warranty on their Tiltmaster and Whisper Drive and ATA offer a 5 year warranty. Most of the motors we supply are DC motors with quiet belt drive and all come with at least 2 remote controls and a wireless wall button. There are a number of optional extras including eye-beams, motion sensors, wireless keypads, battery backups etc to ensure that you are never left out in the cold.

In today’s modern world, garage door motors are all controlled by means of a hand held remote control. Each remote has its own unique frequency which communicates with a receiver on your motor to ensure that only you can access your garage. If you lose your remote control or have it stolen, we can supply a new remote and advise you how to code it in on your motor. We are also able to clear the memory of the opener so that the remotes which have been stolen cannot be used to gain access to your home.

We stock both original and generic remote controls for all of the popular brands to provide customers with a choice (generic remotes are typically cheaper than the original). We also have wireless wall buttons (effectively another remote control) which can be conveniently mounted inside the garage, and key pads which offer additional security and are weather proof, meaning they can be wall mounted outside the garage. They require a security code to be entered into the keypad before they will transmit a signal to the receiver in the motor.

Modern remote control technology allows communication on multiple frequencies with the latest encrypted rolling code. This ensures high levels of security, as a unique code is gener- ated every time the button is pushed. It is almost impossible to jam or try and copy the signal with a device designed to incept the code. This enhanced radio technology will select the strongest frequency every time, virtually eliminating interference from other devices.