Garage Door Insurance Quotes a speciality

Eden Roc prides itself in being a specialist in the field of Insurance Claims for damaged garage doors and motors. We are one of a very small number of installation companies that has a dedicated and experienced insurance assessor who will take control of an insurance job when it is assigned to us. He is out on the road every morning, alternating his route between North and South of the river, covering the whole of the Perth metropolitan area. He has been involved in this type of work for a number of years and can boast an experienced eye when it comes to insurance claims and damage to garage doors and motors.

Management of Insurance claim

Our insurance services range from simply attending the site and preparing a quote / report for the insured, to replacement and recoding of remote controls following a burglary and make safes, right through to full management of the claim.

Preferred supplier for insurance claims

Our assessor will liaise with the claims department of the insurance company and the insured, attend the site to view a damaged door or motor, take photographs and then provide a report on his views on the cause of the damage. He is also able to quote for its repair / replacement. In most instances, remedial work is carried out within 1 to 4 weeks of acceptance of a quotation, depending on the nature of work to be done. We have arrangements in place with several insurance companies currently, where we will collect the excess from the customer prior to commencing the job, and we are preferred garage door suppliers to most of the insurance companies and insurance builders in WA.

Eden Roc warranty

All of our work is covered by the Eden Roc warranty. In the unlikely event that there are issues with any of our work or products, we guarantee that we return to site timeously to rectify the problem.

Make Safe option for damaged Garage Doors

Eden Roc is able to offer after hours services for “make safes” where the damage to a garage door is either a security or safety risk. Whilst the primary purpose of a “make safe” is to secure a damaged door, in many instances our technicians are able to make damaged doors temporarily operational whilst a new door is being manufactured. This service is often extended to allow trapped vehicles to be removed from a garage with an inoperable door.

Motor fusion and storm damage

Most insurance policies will cover repairs to / or replacement of electric garage door motors, where the motor has been storm damaged or where fusion has occurred. Out technicians are experienced in many brands of motors that are commonly used in Western Australia and are able to provide reports on the cause of damage to motors, for use in insurance claims. In addition, our parts shop stocks many spares for the major motor brands, and where a motor is able to be repaired instead of replaced this is often a cheaper solution.

We look forward to assisting you with your insurance claim on your damaged door or garage door motor. Please click the link for a free, no obligations quote.