Your garage door is often the largest and most prominent feature on a home. This not only make a statement, they also improve the aesthetic value of your most prized possession and create an impression which can actually increase the value of your home. If you are going to spend the extra money to create the perfect door, it is important to remember that not all door manufacturers produce the same quality.

What to look for in a Custom Door

The most important things to consider when selecting a Custom Garage Door are the quality of the door and the quality of the installation. At Eden Roc Garage Doors we offer a range of custom doors made in Western Australia by reputable companies who warrant their product and take pride in quality and consistency.

Whether you are looking for a traditional timber garage door, a contemporary style or a combination, designed to your own specifications combined with our expertise, we can provide an excellent product at a realistic and competitive price.

What choices of Custom Garage doors do we offer?

We offer a choice of over 30 different styles of custom doors. Customers can also request individual designs which can be manufactured or combined with a door in the traditional range.

Natural Timber Garage Doors

We have an extensive range of Natural Timber Doors offering the timeless warmth and elegance of a classical wooden door . Our wooden doors are manufactured from Western Red Cedar and are finished in a premium selection of colours and sealed with superior sealers to ensure that your door looks attractive for years to come. Regular maintenance of wooden doors is very important.

Contemporary Custom Garage Doors

Our suppliers can manufacture modern and contemporary designs using a range of materials and techniques. Modern designs with aluminium mesh, acrylic, polycarbonate or glass inserts can create a stylish door with lots of natural light.

Other Custom Garage Door options

There is just about no limit to the range of combinations and options. We can help you design a unique and stylish individual statement using a combination of high quality modern products and techniques.