At Eden Roc we offer an extensive range of commercial roller doors and shutters, installed by professional and experienced installers to ensure safe and continuous operation.

What is the difference between a roller door and a roller shutter?

Roller doors are the preferred option for applications where commercial doors are under 5m wide and 5m high. Commercial roller doors have internal springs much the same as a domestic roller door, they can be operated with chain, planetary drives or even with commercial roller door openers. Commercial roller doors are manufactured with thicker steel than domestic doors and have much deeper tracks to improve their strength. They are manufactured to suit the opening in any size to a maximum of approximately 5m x 5m. For high wind areas we are also able to offer a range of doors with windlocks.

Commercial doors and shutters

Roller shutters are suitable for larger doors and high wind areas. Roller shutters come in a range of different styles to suit a range of different applications. We can offer anything from small roller shutters to suite shopfronts, kiosks, bars and sheds to large commercial warehouses and factories. Roller shutters are operated by chain drive systems or direct drive motors which have the strength to lift the shutters easily, saving time and trouble.

How important is it to service my commercial roller door?

It is very important to have commercial doors serviced regularly to ensure that they continue to operate smoothly and safely. Not only is it an OH&S requirement that commercial doors are serviced by an accredited service technician on a regular basis, it also helps prevent costly downtime caused by problem accessing your business premises.

Can we help you service your commercial doors?

Eden Roc Garage Doors can arrange for regular servicing of your door by way of a service contract. Whether it is one door or multiple doors, we can arrange servicing at regular three to six monthly intervals as required by your own OH&S protocols. We have a database that records maintenance undertaken and will sign off on your service schedule each time we visit to service the doors.

What are the best motors?

For roller doors we install either ATA or Merlin motors as they have both proven to be excellent products and both provide good after sales and reliable warranty service options. We always recommend that they should be set up with eye-beams to prevent damage to person or property caused by obstruction of the door when closing.
For roller shutters we recommend Grifcomotors. Grifco are generally acknowledged as some of the best if not the best direct drive motors available. Grifco motors can be operated by remote control but not without the addition of eye-beams.